Realist-ically speaking…

If you were like me and several of my twisted teenage suburban amigos around 1960, you were hip to Paul Krassner and his monthly satirical magazine the Realist. The Realist–and Krasser–went where no one else dared, said things out loud in print that were the tabooist of no-nos; he said FUCK in black & white, showed Minnie giving Mickey a blowjob in Fantasyland, Tinkerbelle shooting up in Adventureland, portrayed a Disneyland of politically and socially incorrect behavior so outre that the establishment could only turn a blind eye for fear of giving him too much publicity. Only Lenny Bruce and Ralph Ginsburg of EROS did so much to liberate thought in America in the 1960’s. Fortunately, Every single issue of the Realist can now be read online, and it still makes great reading. Good satire is harder and harder to come by; these days; life has gone so far in the imitation of art it seems, everything becomes self-parody instantly; the well-poised satirist is no longer needed. See the Onion.                                                                                                                          Click on the image below to read the Realist. Toread a conversation between Krassner and Andrew Breitbart in the latest edition of Playboy, the well-known satirist journal, click this link: http://www.ep.tc/realist/    –EDITOR





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